Compliance Plates

What are compliance plates or tags? They are a small plate or tag made in metal or plastic that is attached to an object by the manufacture or importer. These plates or tags states that the item has been proven to comply with Australian standards. Compliance plates and tags are typically found fixed to the exterior of the item. 

Here at QNP Group we manufacture and supply industry quality compliance plates and tags from our Brisbane based factory. YES they are Australian made, not imported. Our metal compliance plates or tags offer superior durability and are resistant to harsh conditions. The most common compliance plates and tags we supply are for the Marine Industry in the form of Australian Builders Plates (ABP) and Hull Identification Number (HIN) Plates, for Caravan / Camper Vans and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plates for trailers. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with a high quality compliance plate or tag at a competitive price with fast turnaround and supplied Australia wide.

Key Characteristics:

  • range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, brass and composite materials
  • plates and tags can be, etched or printed depending on your individual requirements
  • aluminium can anodised in various colours and finishes
  • full colour paint fill
  • holes or counter sinking for pot rivets
  • Weather Resistant, Resist Salt Water, Abrasion, Outdoor Exposure, Chipping And Most Industrial Solvents and Chemicals
  • Australian made
Applications for Compliance Plates

Plates: Boats - Australian Builders Plate (ABP) & Hull Identification Number (HIN), Motor Vehicles, Trailer & Box Trailers - Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Caravan & Campers, Gas Appliances, Forklifts, Building & Construction, Lifts & Elevators, Electrical Switchboard | Tags: Fire Door & Frame, Hoisting & Lifting, Industrial Hoses