Aluminium Nameplates

QNP Group manufacture and supply quality aluminium nameplates for a range of applications where a durable plate is required for the life of the product. Anodised aluminium nameplates are suitable for use in extreme environments. They are unaffected by solvents, grease or oil, outdoor use or constant handling as they are scratch and wear resistant. Our plates are proudly made in our Brisbane based factory and shipped Australia wide. Looking for a high quality product with a fast turnaround made in Australia? Contact our sales team today to discuss your nameplate needs!

Key Characteristics:

  • gauges from .003mm to 5mm thick
  • acid etch
  • aluminium foil
  • photo etched and anodised - .5mm to 5mm
  • anodised in various colours and finishes
  • bar codes
  • numbered (consecutively) printed or stamped
  • laser cutting up to 1.6mm
  • routed or die cut to shape
  • holes and cornered
  • adhesive backings available
  • doming/lense capped/epoxied
  • Australian made
Applications for Aluminium Nameplates

VIN / Caravan Plates, Hose Tags. Fire Door Tags, ABP Plates, Cable Marker Plates, Area Markers, Valve / ID Plates, Asset Plates, HIN Plates, Barcode Plates, Serial Compliance Plates, Danger and Safety Signs, Rating Plates, Fascia Plates, Furniture Nameplates, Marine Nameplates, Vessel Nameplates